Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moz 2014 cycle challenge

The Moz 2014 cycle challenge is only 6 days away
The cyclists have been training hard and are ready for action. 
Over 5 days they will cycle approximately 460 miles from Crystal Palace London to the Palace of Versailles Paris.   
Day 1 Crystal Palace to Dover
Day 2 Calais to Cambrai
Day 3 Cambrai to Reims
Day 4 Reims to Montereau
Day 5 Montereau to Versailles. 

Thanks to all for your support. We are raising money to refurbish the maternity unit in Pebane Hospital.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello Friends.  If you've followed previous posts you'll know that we have done some pedalling for Pebane. Every two years there's a bike ride.  friends do the sponsoring and some friends do the pedalling.  Everybody makes a sacrifice to help Pebane hospital and community.  This year the challenge is to cycle from Crystal Palace to the Palace of Versailles via Belgium :-?   We've mapped a 500 mile route and the cyclists will ride 100 miles a day.  The 'cyclists' will all need to train hard to get fit for the event in May.  They are all very motivated people but they need your support to know that their efforts are going to make a difference.  The money raised will be used to refurbish the maternity ward in Pebane hospital. Pictures and plans coming soon. 

 Please help us make a difference by making a donation to my Virgin Money Giving page. 

To find out more about what we’re doing and why, please visit where you can also sponsor the team online.

Don't forget to tick the box to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation if you're a UK tax payer. Virgin Money Giving will pass this on in full to charity, making your donation go even further.

Thanks for your support,
Friends of Pebane

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Keeping you posted

Happy new year everyone. Over the last few weeks we've been speaking to our friends in Pebane. The new water tower is nearly built and should be in use soon. We've been speaking to Jose and Dr Brigido to make plans for our visit in September this year when we are planning to work on improving the maternity unit as well as continuing with our other projects.  We are planning a charity bike ride in May.  Seven people have signed up for this.  Riding from London to Paris via Belgium (as you do).  Riding approximately 100 miles a day for 5 days.  More news coming soon. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pictures from Pebane. The hospital water tower is being rebuilt.

Jose has sent us these pictures to show the progress in re-building the hospital water tower. This is one of the project priorities for 2013-14. Another of the projects was to partner with the local community to restore a clean water supply for the community.  The local community provided the labour and expertise to do this and we provided the finance.  This has also been completed. Pictures of this coming soon. 
The site of the water tower  

Jose is supervising 

Working according to the construction plans  
Deep foundations

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Virgin Money giving link and AGM

Dear Friends
This is the link to use if you wish to make a donation to the charity.

Our annual general meeting is in Stirling Baptist Church on Monday 9th December at 7.00pm.  
Please come along and find out more about the projects that your money helps support in Mozambique. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blog revival:)

We've hit a snag with our website so are happy to be back blogging again.  

Thanks to Dr Peter Schulga and the future Mrs Schulga (aka Miss Rebecca Halpin) for spurring us into action thanks to their generousity in asking their wedding guests to donate to Friends of Pebane or to Teen Ranch. 

Friends of Pebane do also have a facebook page which I hope you will like

Rebecca and Peter have taken us by surprise.  If you do decide to donate to Friends of Pebane we have a 'just giving' page and I will post a link very soon.  I will also tell you more about what's happening in Pebane. 

Thanks for your patience.   And thanks to Rebecca and Peter.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

New website

Check out our new website for up to date news about Friends of Pebane